This works every time – Why?

November 2nd, 2017

Why does “this work every time”? What is it?

It’s Meditation for the busy person.

As I move towards the final weeks of Harvard Disruption and Innovation modules, I have been feeling both exhilarated and brain tired. Topped up with as much information as I can absorb at present, I have revived the one thing that works every time for my tiredness, meditation.

Here I am  learning about Interdependent and Modular systems, Resources, Processes, Profit centres and even when I have to re-read or listen to the videos many times, something is happening to me that has been dormant for many months. The Joy of new Learning!  But with a dose of new learning overload!

I know that meditation has the ability to calm down your body and soul and brings a sense of inner peace and calmness to your world. It works. I used it when I was at The Australian Ballet. In taxis going out to the airport, in my office, in the car park between meetings, in toilets at the Opera House if a function was becoming overwhelming and many more places.

I remember Bruce Gyngell who then was the CEO of  Channel 9 saying to me at a Sponsors Dinner, that meditation saved his life. He had a meditation room built beside his office and would go in there to meditate every day. I was having a couple of wines with him in Kerry Packers apartment one day and he also revealed that the great thing about having a chauffeur was that he could meditate in the back of the car with no distractions.

I believe that the power of continuous learning is important to both our physical and professional self. When we are tossed back into a new space that we haven’t been in before we need to gather our resources and embrace the way forward.

My learnings this week have been about speed and agility when taking new products to market and not getting stuck with outdated slow processes within our business. The same can be said for the personal part of ourselves. Look after your world, in whatever way works for you.  Think about starting or continuing your practice of meditation. A  good way is to begin this weekend.

If you ever need to find out more from me about meditation and lessening stress in your job. I am here.

Go well,