What’s your value?

November 9th, 2017

Photo credit: Matthew Murphy

Do you know what your value is both personally and professionally?

As I am heading towards the finish line of the Harvard disruption and innovation program, I am aware that many of the case studies make one point very clear. For products and businesses to succeed there has to be an enormous sense of value and support. Primarily given to those who are driving the day to day emergence of the idea and this comes from the top down – CEO’s and Board members and the like.

Are you valued, and more importantly do you value yourself? If you don’t value yourself, how can others be inspired by your work and attracted to your expertise?

Have a bit of fun with this suggestion around being valued. A great example of disruption at its Broadway best is Kinky Boots. The story of a sensible shoe business that is quickly going backwards and not keeping up with the trends. Then the pivot happens, a drag queen and the owner of the shoe factory meet and form a partnership. Initially they are not taken seriously by the shoe factory workers, but once they see the business turn around and their jobs safe they value the new disruptive direction.

Take note about partnerships, they can come from the most unlikely sources and revive your business creating new profit sources and markets. Just like Kinky Boots. Inspired by true events, the old fashioned shoe factory made a Disruptive new product, Shiny Slinky Red Glittery Boots for the Drag Queen market, and many women’s biggest fantasy, and of course they were successful.

So how about valuing the person inside of yourself. Be daring and be disruptive. What could you do over the next month to challenge yourself, your business and your career to bring about a new product, direction, process, revenue stream that you had never thought about.

To help you get the creative juices flowing here is one of my favourite clips from the show

So get your Kinky Boots on and have a creative disruptive weekend. Have fun and who knows, you might even propel yourself to venture into areas that could just add that bit of spice to your business offering before the end of the year.

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