Are you a walking billboard for your Brand?

January 22nd, 2018


Are you aware that whatever you do, say or create is a version of how you are seen in the world. Stop and think for a moment. Do you truly put out the best version of yourself? Do you forget about the talented person you truly are? I ask you this question – Why has that person not put themselves out in full view of the world on a billboard?

Imagine for a moment this scenario. A chef creates dishes that their friends love. The taste, texture and presentation of the food is wondrous, however the chef decides that they must keep their talent in front of a few people, or else hide their restaurant from sight. Avoidance techniques! A sign from this talented chef that their critical mindset is at work. Are you a version of this?

What is stopping you from erecting a billboard and showing the world the best version of yourself in lights, “Show Time”  has arrived and if you have seen the movie  “The Greatest Showman” you know what I am talking about. Get your passion and purpose swept up into top hat and tails and tell the world what you can do better than anyone else. Your billboard has been created, what is on it?

Have some fun with this way forward in 2018;

  1. Create an image for your Billboard – What do you want people to see of your brand and the way you present to the world?  Be bold and put it on your billboard.
  2. Communicate with confidence – tell it as it is. People want to be surrounded by those who have a powerful story.
  3. Learn how to pitch – (I have a fast 5 step template that works every time). Your pitch is one of the most important part of your business. Without a pitch what do you have to tell the world about yourself? Get your pitch sorted to understand and grow your business and career. Yes – it is common for people not to understand and be able to articulate the business they are in.

Now your billboard resonates with “You in Lights”. Go out and be the billboard version of yourself.  Don’t stay “the best kept secret” as many sad advertising campaigns reflect when a business is struggling.

If you would love a boost along to create the billboard, I am offering an online “28 Day Career Max Challenge”. Click the link below so we can have a quick chat to see if you qualify.

Go well,