Super Power You for Fun

November 14th, 2017

Do you let yourself have Fun? What has this got to do with the Super Power you are?

I am just about to send in my final paper for the Harvard Disruption and Innovation program on, how I can apply the theories to Creating Encores and what corrections do I need to make? It is both challenging and uplifting.

I have learnt more in 6 weeks than I have in many programs over the years. Why? Because the subject disruption in its true form, challenged me. I had to re-read and re-listen to the lectures each week and many times I was left feeling a bit stupid. Why hadn’t I understood the point quickly as I imagined others did?

But despite this, I felt uplifted and stepped into “Sally Super Power mode” over these weeks. It ignited the fun part of myself that mysteriously likes to slip out of my life too often.

What about you? What does it take for you to channel your “Super Power You” and ignite the fun savvy person you truly are?

What turns you on and pulls you away from a mindset that says;

  • “I will wait until the time is right”
  • “I’m tired”
  • “Will this work?”
  • “I’ve tried this before, this is stupid!”

Stop it! Start becoming the “Super Power” you were born to be. Begin in small ways and build up to the heights of the Super Powers you dream of and start having fun. Our mind is always in control of how we are moving through the day. Can you commit to having one day this week where you decide to be unstoppable with fun?

Take a moment to see the image of yourself as the “Super Power” you truly are, breathe her in, inhabit her, be her, love her and create her for that day. Here are a few suggestions to get you going;

  • Smile at someone in the street
  • Walk with your head held high and know you look great
  • Tackle a problem you had put to one side, the release of feel good endorphin’s will be the best reward ever
  • Find courage to just be yourself – warts and all, she is a special person. Be her, you have my permission

These are just some suggestions to get into your Super Powers this week. Its a fun way to bring back lightness and a spring in your step.

Many times my Super Powers disappear too regularly. Don’t let this happen to you also. Make a conscious decision to ignite fun back into your world.

If you would like a quick Power session to bring your Super Power back click this link and let’s have a chat.