Special report, creative trends for 2018

January 9th, 2018

Did you know that Creative thinking in all its forms is now the topic that organisations ask for constantly. This is because they realise that without thinking out of the square they and their business, career or organisation will be left behind in 2018!

Imagine if you ate the same food style for years. You would get bored and tired of the taste and miss out on the growth of “pop up” culinary creations that appear every year.  You would also be missing out on one of the best parts of life – eating great food. So how about using this metaphor to start being disruptive in your business. Find the Creative tasty ways that you can stand out, stand up and refresh yourself, your business and your world.

It is no different to the make over I gave my home over Christmas. I love the new carpet, freshly painted walls and garden. I now have no official office space so I am writing this from the room that was my study and now has a fabulous French sofa bed with taupe linen by the metre. My chaise lounge boudoir where I can look out over my large courtyard with greenery everywhere feels restful and unique. All I have to sort out is how to hide my printer and modem and my daytime boudoir / office will be perfection.

So with this example, what can you do to add Creative POW WOW to your working life for 2018.

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Go well