Meryl Streep said this, would you?

January 15th, 2018

I saw the movie “The Post” on the weekend starring Meryl Streep who plays Katharine Graham the first female publisher of the Washington Post. The movie exposes the “cover up” and secrets by the US government over several decades.

The strength shown by this woman is nothing short of inspiring. Bravely making a decision to publish these secrets and risk criminal charges which could have led to the downfall of the Washington Post and hundreds of jobs.

How many times have you come face to face with a situation where significant wrongs have been made? Have you taken the easy way out? Ignored the problem or gone along with those in powerful positions?

Imagine for a moment, especially at the start of 2018 how you can empower yourself and be true to who you really are. Forget about government secrets, just stick with your challenges that you want to turn around, change, re-frame or just let go of. This movie is a good metaphor to have the courage to “stand up for what you want personally and professionally, plus have the courage to make it happen”.

Here are some ideas to help you embody the “Meryl in you”.

  1. What have you put up with for years in your business or career and now is the time to get rid of this extra weight that is hanging around?  For example, do you comply with others in your organisation or clients to keep the peace instead of speaking your truth.
  2. Reframe this situation, give your voice an outing and speak up for yourself. A suggestion is to start with small challenges, you do not have to take on the “White House” just yet.
  3. When you have plucked up the courage in letting go of the nervous “what will others think of me part of yourself,”  acknowledge that miraculously the earth did not stop spinning. Life just went on! People heard you, now you can reach inside and connect with the real you who has a voice, a point of view and needs to be heard.

The confidence from speaking up and trusting in your decisions is powerful and yes it does take a few go’s and sometimes a few slip ups. But the saying, “Practice makes perfect” is in play here. Go off and commit to “speaking up and offering your opinion” at least once this week. You will be “Pitch Perfect” very soon!

If you would like to find out how to create a voice that is heard and empower yourself at the start of the year for smarter career moves and greater financial outcomes,  be Pitch Perfect, click on this link and lets talk.

Practise practise practise.

Go well,