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July, 2016

Turning Around Your Career and Creating an Encore When You Are over 40 with Sally Arnold Founder and Owner of Creating Encores

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Vagina Monologues 

Sally’s return to performance days!

sally vagina monolgues

Vagina Monologues

The Age

30th May, 2014

A wake up call for women leaders


Yahoo Travel

7th May, 2014

Video – Sally – Kiwi guide in Victoria

Blog 1: Sally gets adventurous on the Mornington Peninsula
Blog 2: Sally explores the Melbourne arts and culture scene
Blog 3: Sally indulges in the Mornington Peninsula’s food and wine

18th March, 2014

Demand for Creative Coach


Unlimited Magazine 

March, 2014

Creative Coach


Ruby Connection 

11th December, 2013

The wake up call for women leaders