All that Jazz – Harvard style

November 20th, 2017

Imagine for a moment you are a Jazz player improvising in some dark moody New York basement Jazz club.  Enter their world. You are able to turn the music on the paper into an ecstatic jazzed up version that silences the audience. You know you have a winner on your hands. Music that rings true to the person you are.

This is exactly how I felt moving through the Harvard Business School Disruption and Innovation program and I want to share my life changing takeaways. To do this I am offering  2 coaching sessions between now and Christmas, “The Gold” to give  insights into all the key learnings from my Harvard Disruption and Innovation program.

This is a way for you to move out of the slump of 2017 and make up for lost time. Sprint towards the end of the year with valuable, hot off the press, current knowledge from Harvard that you can use immediately to change your career or business.

Here is what we will cover in 2 coaching sessions before Santa and his Elves come down your Chimney;

  1. Core Gold Lesson 1 – How to progress from tired thinking of “stick to your niche” and turn this on its head.  Move into the current thinking and  understand what it is you do and why people want to work with you because if you don’t make this “Job to be Done” ( Harvard terminology) stratospheric change you will keep attracting the wrong clients and business opportunities. This thinking has gone Viral.  Outcome: We will put together a new Pitch to make smart operators  hungry for what you offer in your business or  career path.
  2. Core Gold Lesson 2 – Design a “Jobs to be Done” understanding  into a specific structure for YOU. The template will consist of the key areas to effect change,and innovation.   Outcome: A proven framework that helps you identify how to allocate resources, develop processes and grow financial margins.  

This is a quick easy overview of a Harvard Business School program. One that is taught by the world’s leader in disruption, Professor Clay Christensen, an inspiring yet humble man.

Disrupt and jazz up your business or career with some slick movements and Harvard Gold.  Imagine for real, what you could achieve and change by just jazzing up the professional you?

To book a chat and find out more about the 2 session Gold of Harvard Disruption click on the link below and let’s talk.