My Harvard certificate, the Painter I’m stumped!

December 7th, 2017

I found out earlier this week that my learning on “Disruption and Innovation” was up to Harvard standards and a certificate by “snail mail”  would reach my shores by January!

Thrilling news for the repetition of videos I needed to watch, and questions I  incorrectly answered  A fabulous journey and such an honour  to be part of Harvard learning.

I must say though, I have a bit of a gripe as all this encouraging news has gone to the back of my brain while I deal with getting my apartment ready for sale early next year. I am “the Architects daughter” so I tell myself I will do this well.

In our daily work life we manage to achieve significant results depending upon our business model. But enter another world, that of working with tradespeople, and you open the door to a place where you don’t want to stay long. This metaphor does encompass the “no shows” and “selective hearing” that has started to drive me nuts!

This week I had the experience of meeting Fred, a house painter. He arrived with another guy who I assumed was a co-worker. “No” said Fred, this is my driver and the Mafia entered my apartment complete with at least 6 heavy gold chains around his neck. His Driver? His hair was dyed black Punk style and was ridiculous, yet I thought to myself “be open Harvard Sal, maybe he could do a good job”.

In a few minutes, Fred told me he would do the job in a day with 6 men would complete 2 coats of paint. Fred strutted through my apartment, gave me a quote which was low and immediately alarm bells rang. He left and I thought – No way Fred!

Today I rang Fred and whilst I believe he is a painter, as I could hear pots of paint clanging, my Gut told me he is not for me.

So, ask yourself, how many times as a smart savvy person do you want a quick result in your Professional world? The someone comes along who seems capable but you get a feeling that something is off.

Trust your Gut as I did this week. Re-advertise the job and go through the constant phone calls. There are other competent painters, who will do a terrific job and importantly they are genuine and hardworking!

Think about using this Metaphor in both your personal and professional life. You are the Director of your Life.

Do you want to find out more about Fred the painter, and use this metaphor to move your professional world out of “just good enough”? Click below and Let’s chat!