Would you have the Guts to make this your Business?

December 4th, 2017





Do you have a  yearning inside of yourself to follow a deep inner passion that sits within. Instead of whatever you are doing now. What would it take for you to trust, let go and enter this world. One that is  the real you? Not the routine path today?

There is something so sweet and delicious about letting go of the business like way many of  us live our lives.  And this is about being smart, not just jumping out of our income streams.  Perhaps by setting up  camp in a distant seaside town, buying a cafe as you love coffee. This is about being real, committed and following your heart and passions.

I have a wonderful client who is “The” most talented photographer.  At the start of coaching she said that she was in a career that fulfilled. But her passion was  photography!  So with my  coaching hat on I thought, “Interesting”.  Well, I have been stunned,  my client is one of the most talented artists I have come across in many, many years.  Her shots resemble paintings, they are etherial, inner directed and her landscapes take you into a world that is yours to explore. Magical, mysterious and above all I believe as we move along the coaching path she will emerge as a world leader in her Art. And, her weekly substantial  sales reflect her talent.  I feel so privileged to be walking alongside her.

So what are you hiding inside for fear of letting the world make sense of your talents. And yes it can be a bit of a minefield getting yourself out there, ducking and weaving with the critics who are vindictive and bullying. Remember just because their lives are stuck you do not have to listen to them or endure their negative inaccurate feedback about your talent.  Can I say that this shocking behaviour is around most careers and comes from people who are just not good enough!   Those who  are great mentors and supporters of new talent are people with a deep passion, expertise and awareness of new creators.

So I would love to encourage you this week to finally bring out into the open the part of yourself that has wanted to give birth. What talent and opportunities are you hiding within?  You owe it to the world to bring this gift into a form. Whatever that form is. It is your own true unique self and please do not keep it hidden secretly inside.

Have a chat with me about these hidden Gems, that could do with a bit of a polish up. Like rough diamonds, they need to see the light of day to reflect their radiance and high value.  This is Yours to show the world.