How to get rid of a body!

January 29th, 2018

Curious? I got rid of hard rubbish after clearing out my home the other day so it would be spick and span for pre-sale viewing. One of my pieces of furniture a concrete Moroccan tiled table top was rejected by the Removal Guys from the council. I was waiting for this. It was heavy, my body weight so I was not surprised.

This is when I needed to have a special friend around to help a Solo Gal. I am fortunate to have Oscar who was my Triathlon coach many years ago. We have remained friends and for this deed I called on him. He helped me cart all the hard rubbish to the street. While the concrete “wheel of fortune” table top lay sitting in the middle of the pile. I sort of knew it would be hard to get rid of.

We had a coffee after everything was positioned on the street ready for a quick pick up by the council.  I asked Oscar what I could do if the table top remained and he immediately said he had a sledgehammer and would deal with it. This remark, had all the makings of a murder mystery.

Alas, the table top remained alone after the council pick up so I texted Oscar and he said I’ll do it. Great, I don’t have to go around the  bins at night depositing large pieces of Moroccan concrete table top slyly into neighbours trash. I came home 4 hours later there was no evidence of that  piece of table that hosted many dinner parties and clients sessions when I lived in Byron Bay.

The morale of this story is an important one for me. Do you ask for help when challenged? I had to as there was no way that I could physically get rid of the table top. I had already given some delivery guys a couple of bottles of wine to take it out to the nature strip. So to complete the story I made Oscar one of my Mother’s famous boiled fruit cakes to do the deed.

To complete the learning: What about you? Do you ask for help?

  1. Does it take something mentally and or physically heavy and impossible for you to ask for help?
  2. Do you try to do everything solo like me many times for fear of others saying, “No they cannot help?”
  3. Or do you put it in the too hard basket and never ask for help. Good way to start feeling like a victim.

How about this week try asking for help and start with something small.  My table top experience, well it was one that I would not like to repeat too many times but Oscar what a great friend you are. Thank you.

Go well,


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