As qualified Psychotherapist, Sally has drawn on her own personal journey and challenges to develop her award winning coaching programs. Having lived and breathed the journey herself, Sally knows all to well the challenges and blockages that exist on the path to igniting our true passion and purpose.

Whether it be career guidance or personal challenges, Sally empowers people to take control and accountability for their own lives and take real action towards performance improvement to achieve set goals and objectives.

Everything is a choice and Sally always made the choice to keep going and keep improving, this never say die attitude is what makes her women of influence today, inspiring others to push themselves and adopt the same outlook and approach.

Creative corporate team coaching for sustainable results.

“Accelerate positivity, productivity and performance”

Based on a diagnostic assessment of your needs and goals, Sally’s fresh and creative approach to team coaching gives each of your team members’ new and valuable insight into the challenges that impede progress, and creative strategies to help resolve them.

Creative Career Coaching Program for Leaders

Translating key performance principles into practical tools for business and personal growth.

Sally inspires clients to reach their full potential using the same powerful success techniques as high-performance artists and athletes. If you’re looking to fast-track your development potential and, at the same time, find balance and passion in your life – the way is here, and the time is right now.

Want to know more?

Contact Sally to book an in-depth discovery session and kick start your journey towards reigniting your passion and purpose.

The discovery session includes;

  • Fact finding questionnaire
  • 2 hour face-to-face consultation
  • Follow up assessment report