The Client or the Stylist – who wins?

December 14th, 2017


I’m selling my home of nearly 10 years to make a move into a fabulous new apartment. My experience of freshening up valuable real estate to attract buyers, is no different than being genuine in prospecting for new clients, but as I have found out over the past few weeks, it has its hiccups.

I wanted to present my home the best way I could.  No different to your job or business.

Here are 3 key lessons to present your best business self;

LESSON No 1/ Do you need a spruce up? Just like my apartment, a couple of coats of paint and new carpet creates a fresh new look for buyers, what facelift can you apply to your business?

Check out how you currently present your products and businesses?  Have you been working the same way that you’ve been doing for years and not noticed that the paint on the walls needs to be freshened up? Remember people who will be attracted to your work are inspired by great presentation.

LESSON No 2/ Is your team or workforce complimentary to your Brand?

Do you have people working with you who compliment the style of your work and the way it is presented to the world? No different to choosing a real estate agent to sell my home. This is a minefield.  The one who got the job sat and casually chatted for an hour and a half. I got a feel for him and it was like we were friends.

LESSON No 3/ Do you keep listening to others regarding how your business operates?  How about believing in yourself and what you offer the world and get rid of the Stylist.

Do others keep recommending smarter ways to introduce Brand management. Do you really need this? It was suggested I use a Stylist to add the WOW factor to apartment. I did not believe I needed one and I was right. Ms Stylist strode in trying to look Hollywood style and then proceeded to suggest the most appalling cheap looking imitations to create a sense of ‘Spppacce and ooopennness…  She did not get me, or my home.

As you can see the major lesson from this experience is how do you listen to potential clients, your workforce or new opportunities? Do you truly hear others and are you completely focused on them? The lessons I have suggested are important and can mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

So if you would like to speak with me about how you approach people and refine your  communication skills – lets chat. Gain awareness of how you come across, gain confidence and learn to listen and you will get the sale, promotion or business growth you have always wanted.